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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Owner keeps exotic cats in cradle of luxury

KOTA BHARU: Their names are as exotic as their looks and in keeping with their life of luxury, they are placed in an air-conditioned shed and guarded at night by a fierce Rottweiler.
To Hezlin Fazlina Abdul Nor, nothing is more precious than her Bengal cats.
“I have no property but if you come to my house, you will see these cats that I love and cherish,” she said at her home in Kampung Jambu here.

Living it up: Three of Hezlin Fazlina’s Bengal cats are seen at her home in Kampung Jambu, Kota Baru.
Golden Gem, Birzaun Warrior and Arabian Fair Lady these cats bought from Britain, the United States and Canada are among the 50 exotic cats that any visitor would see upon entering her home.
The cats are kept in an air-conditioned shed with a transparent roof named Kittunkatz Bengals Cattery, which is registered with The International Cats Association and The International Bengal Cat Society.
Hezlin Fazlina, in her 30s, admits she is obsessed with the cats, to the extent that she also keeps a Rottweiler to guard them.
“I have been obsessed with cats since I was young,” she said, adding that she persuaded her husband to keep a few at their house after they got married.
“My husband used to hate cats. But after a few years, he too began to love them and we have found a way to co-exist with these pets,” said Hezlin Fazlina, who hails from Pahang and works at a boutique.
“I like Bengal cats because they have an exotic look and spotted fur like leopards. When I play with them, I feel like I'm being surrounded by leopards,” she said.
She hires an Indonesian maid to take care of the cats and gets a veterinarian to visit the house every month to ensure the pets are healthy.
She was, however, secretive when asked about her expenses on the pets.
“The money is inconsequential as the cats need all the attention and love,” she added.
Hezlin Fazlina has entered her pets in numerous cat shows and competitions at home and abroad.
Last December, Birzaun Warrior took the first spot in the short fur category at the Kuala Lumpur International Cat Competition and judged overall runner-up for the show.
Regarding her Rottweiler, Hezlin Fazlina said: “I bought the guard dog to ensure the cats are safe. The dog is kept in a cage during the day and let loose at night.”
Sumber: The Star

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